1.         ID DOCUMENT - Applicant & Spouse. 2.         LATEST SALARY ADVICES/PAY SLIPS - Applicant & Spouse(3 months for fixed salary/6 months for commission

Step 1: You complete an application form and provide us with the details of all your Credit Providers. (Consultations are usually done telephonically and by e-mail, but can also be done in person.) Step 2: We determine whether you are over-indebte

The Debt Counsellor may receive the following amounts in respect of consumers who have applied for debt counselling: 1.1.  An application fee, limited to the amount prescribed in terms of Schedule 2 (2) of the Act, recoverable directly from t

Why use Debt Counselling? "Debt Counselling was formally introduced by the National Credit Act to help over-indebted consumers, especially in our current economic crisis. The goal of Debt Counselling is to develop a repayment plan which is af

PERSONAL INFORMATION-APPLICANT: Full Names: Marital Status: Surname: How Married: (Community of property/Anti Nuptial Contract/Traditional)