AE ADMINISTRATORS has been helping clients with administration orders since 2001 and now offers debt counselling to those in need. 

It is our aim to provide you with accurate and trustworthy guidance on the processes, says Annamarie Esterhuizen.

When dealing with AE Administrators & Debt Counsellors, you will be assured of quick and personalised customer service. 
We protect the over-indebted consumer from those aggressive creditors who do not even try to understand. The over-indebted consumers worst nightmare starts when he does nothing and just waits for a miracle to happen or the situation to change. Well guess what?

Debt counselling is the answer to your situation but you have to take action before you get that summons from a creditor.
Call or email AE Administrators & Debt Counsellors or visit Office 17, Sheppie Mall, Aiken Street, Port Shepstone.